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Hotel Bikes from Copenhagen Bicycles

With Hotel Bikes from Copenhagen Bicycles you secure a supplier that you can trust in every aspect. Vi are sustainable, have a collective agreement and have our values in order. We have the highest quality in bikes and service at a reasonable price.

Best Quality in Town

Copenhagen Bicycles is your preferred hotel bicycle supplier. We were the first to deliver hotel bikes in Copenhagen and despite covid19, we are still here.

We’re the only supplier of hotel bikes with a collective agreement. And we’re the only supplier with certified sustainability. We have a long history of satisfied customers.

With us as your supplier you can be sure, that the product, service and company are in top shape.

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Hotel Bikes from Copenhagen Bicycles

Copenhagen Bicycles was the first bike rental in Copenhagen. We have more than 10 years of experience – and despite later arriving competition trying to dump the market, we’re still here.

Copenhagen Bicycles are the only hotel bike supplier with a collective agreement and good employee relations. We have designed our own bikes to secure the best possible quality.

We’re open every day of the week and you can always call us. We have many different bikes, such as city bikes, bikes for kids, and Christiania bikes. We also supply helmets, children seats.


We get new bikes almost every year to ensure the best quality for the hotel guests. We can change the bikes so often because we repurpose the bikes for other projects, giving them a longer service life.

The bikes are designed by ourself specifically with tourists in mind. That makes them durable even when several different people ride them every day for years – without the bikes becoming unsafe to use.