Frequently asked questions


When are you open?

We do our best to provide the best customer service also by being flexible with our opening hours. We adapt the opening hours according to the seasons.

Summer and late summer we will have changing opening hours.

During Christmas and New Year we will be closed until January 4 2021.

Do you only speak Danish in the shop?

No, we all speak English. Some of us also speak Danish and some of us speak other languages.

Do you have student prices?

We provide the cheapest student bikes in Copenhagen. See more on

Can I use my Copenhagen Card in your shop?

Yes, you can. You can get 10 % discount with Copenhagen Card when renting in our shop. Unfortunately, we do not give discount at our online bookings.

Can I use currencies other than DKK?

Yes, normally. You can pay with EUR, USD, and GBP. We do not accept coins. During covid19, we do not take cash in general.

What is the price for the daily guided tour?

The price for the daily guided tour is 120 DKK. This is excluding bikes. You are welcome to join the tour with your own bike or rent a bike at our shop. Find more information here 


Can I store my luggage or stroller in the shop?

We can store some suitcases and strollers in our meeting room. It is on your own risk. We cannot give any insurance for any items if they are missing.


Can I return a rental bike outside the opening hours?

Absolutely. Any city bike or junior bike can be returned outside of opening hours. Ask in the shop for more information.

Do I have to wear a helmet while cycling?

It is not mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling in Copenhagen but we highly recommend it for your safety. You can rent a helmet in our shop. Helmets for infants are free.

Can short people rent bikes at your shop?

Yes, of course short people can rent bikes at our shop. We have bikes for every size.

How many people can sit on a family bike?

We suggest one or two people to sit in front while one person is riding the bike.

My rental bike was stolen. What do I do?

If you lose your bike we will charge you the deposit we reserved on your credit card or by cash. Please call us on +45 33 93 04 04 or meet us in the shop to inform us.

I am not a good cyclist. Can I still rent a bike?

Yes of course you can. We will teach you how to ride a bike. If you still feel uncomfortable you are welcome to return the bike.

I have a baby with me. Do you have bikes for this?

Yes, we do have adult bikes with child seats. If your baby is able to sit you can rent this bike to have a ride around Copenhagen.

Can I return the bike at somewhere other than your shop?

You can only return our bikes at our two shops. The city bikes and junior bikes can be left outside of the shop outside of opening hours. You can also pay for in advance for delivery or to return to a different place. Please contact us at

How is the bike equipped - does it have gears and lights

The City Bike are equipped with 3 gears and have front a rear lights. They also have baskets.

Do you take a deposit?

While renting our bikes we reserve a deposit. It can be paid by cash or on a card. On your card we only reserve the deposit – we do not charge it. As soon as you return the bike we will release the deposit. On your bank account it might look like we charged you the deposit but this is not the case. Please contact your bank for questions. You are also welcome to contact us by email


What are your terms & conditions for bike rentals and tour bookings?

Please read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I book online?

Yes you can.

Can I book a bicycle taxi (Rickshaw) at your place?

Unfortunately, we do not coordinate bicycles tours with drivers. You are very welcome to rent a family bike at our shop and drive it yourself. Contact us for more information –


What is the price of the daily guided tour?

The price for the daily guided tour is 120 DKK. This is excluding bikes. You are welcome to join the tour with your own bike or rent a bike at our shop. We make the tours in our high season.

Do we answer emails during the weekend?

Unfortunately, we do not answer emails during the weekend. You are welcome to send an email to and we will reply to your email after the weekend.


How long time does it take to repair my bike?

It depends on the type of repair and how many repairs we have to do. Please pass by our shop to let us take a look at your bike. You are more than welcome to borrow a free replacement bike while we repair your own.

Can I have a replacement bike?

Yes, you can. We have free replacement bikes.

What types of bike repairs do you do?

All types of bike repairs. Pass by with your bike and let us take a look.

How are your prices compared to other bike shops?

Our prices are very reasonable. We have average prices for bike repairs. We can take a look at your bike for free and give you a price in advance. We only repair your bike on your permission.

Terms & Conditions


  • Online bookings need to be made by credit / debit card.
  • If you order by e-mail you will receive an invoice and a direct link to the payment.
  • Your booking is confirmed as soon as you have paid.


A deposit is required when visiting our shop. The deposit can be reserved on a credit card or paid by cash. DKK, EUR and USD are accepted.

  • City Bikes (all) are 1000 DKK / 100 EUR / 100 USD / 100 GBP for up to 5 bikes
  • Family Bikes (all) are 4000 DKK / 400 EUR / 400 USD / 400 GBP per bike
  • Electric Bikes are 2000 DKK / 200 EUR / 200 USD / 200 GBP per bike


There is a responsibility for the equipment, which is held by the tenant to ensure it will not be stolen or suffer damage as a result of overload, improper treatment or similar. The tenant will be liable for the rent. If the leased equipment is not returned, there will be a liability imposed which is made up of the following amounts:

  • City Bikes (all) are 1000 DKK / 100 EUR / 100 USD / 100 GBP for up to 5 bikes
  • Family Bikes (all) are 4000 DKK / 400 EUR / 400 USD / 400 GBP per bike
  • Electric Bikes are 2000 DKK / 200 EUR / 200 USD / 200 GBP per bike


Group bookings

  • You can book our bikes through our website.
  • If your group consists of between 20 and 50 bikes the booking has to be made no later than 10 working days prior the booking.
  • If the group consists of more than 50 bikes the booking needs to be made no later than 30 working days prior the booking.


  • Any cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the booking. In this case, the cancellation fee will be 30% of the total amount.
  • Cancellations of bookings with more than 50 bikes must be done no later than 5 working days prior the booking. The cancellation fee will be 30% of the total amount.
  • All cancellations need to be made in our opening hours, can be fund here
  • Any cancellations made later than 24 hours before the booking will not be refunded.
  • During covid19, we are of course open to solving cancellation issues according to closed gates, etc. We are always reasonable. Do not worry.

Replacement bikes and repairs

  • The terms and conditions for replacement bikes are the same as rental bikes


Copenhagen Bicycles is not liable for anything that may occur to you or to any third parties involved during the rental period that are accepted when placing an order.


The tenant is liable for any damage done to the bike due to the misusage or misconduct and/or neglect and will, in that case, pay for the repair needed that are accepted when placing an order.