Exclusive Harbour Tour

See the harbour area and enjoy lunch and insight into a Copenhageners home.

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During the tour you will see the various harbour areas of Copenhagen. The old harbour with its navy buildings in the north, containing ships from the 16th century. You will pass many charming side channels when moving over to the newer harbour area on the south side. Here there are many examples of impressive architecture and modern highly exclusive Copenhagen apartments. In the summer , the harbour area is popular for swimming and bathing as the water is very clean.

The tour lasts for around 5 hours and covers around 18km of flat terrain at a comfortable speed, allowing our guide to stop and tell about the history of the area. Lunch is included and enjoyed at the private terrace of our guide, which faces the harbour. During the tour you are welcome to ask the guide all your questions regarding life in Copenhagen.

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You can bring your own bike or simply rent one from us, see the prices below
Please note:
  • The tour could get cancelled if there are less than 4 participants. In this case there will be a full refund given and you will be notified 24 hours in advance.
  • This tour must be booked at least 3 days in advance


Nyhavn 44, 1051 Copenhagen K

10:00 - 15:00, Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

4-12 (minimum 4)



Exclusive Harbour Tour

Nyhavn 44, 1051 Copenhagen K

Timeslot City BikeCity Bike with a childseatJunior BikeFamily BikeFamily Bike PremiumChristiania Bike

Up to 3 Hours 9012090450500450

Up to 6 Hours 110140110500550500

Up to 24 Hours 120150120600650600

2 days 180210180850900850

3 days 230260230100010501000

4 days 280310280110011501100

5 days 330360330130013501300

6 days 380410380150015501500

1 week 430460430160016501600

Add day +50+50+50---------

2 weeks 600630600---------

3 weeks 700730700---------


Henrik Gutte

Henrik Gutte

Henrik is 65 years old, dentist and has been employed in the traveling business for many years. He is now studying a bachelor in tourism, architecture and modern history. Privately, Henrik has been married to Lene for 40 years and they have five adult children. Henrik has a huge interest in Copenhagen Architecture, history, and culture. And he loves the harbor! Henrik is a true Copenhagener and a great storyteller and he enjoys showing his guests and tour groups around. He is very open-minded and is also open to showing his home to anyone who would like to visit a real Copenhagener’s home and ask all the questions about Copenhagen city life.

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  • City Bikes (all) are 1000 DKK / 100 EUR / 100 USD / 100 GBP for up to 5 bikes
  • Family Bikes (all) are 4000 DKK / 400 EUR / 400 USD / 400 GBP per bike
  • Electric Bikes are 2000 DKK / 200 EUR / 200 USD / 200 GBP per bike

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  • Standard bike: DKK 1000
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  • Family bike: DKK 10.000
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There is a responsibility for the equipment, which is held by the tenant to ensure it will not be stolen or suffer damage as a result of overload, improper treatment or similar. The tenant will be liable for the rent.

If the leased equipment is not returned, there will be a liability imposed which is made up of the following amounts:

  • City Bikes are DKK 1000 per bike / cash 100 EUR or USD
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The tenant is liable for any damage done to the bike due to the misusage or misconduct and/or neglect and will, in that case, pay for the repair needed that are accepted when placing an order.