Student Deal

Rent a bike with full service!

A whole semester rental from only DKK 500,-

( EUR 67,- / USD 79,-)

The bike comes with full service throughout the rental period. So no need to despair if your tire gets puncture,  your chain falls off, or you need new cables etc. – we will fix it!

Pre-order the bike, we will make sure it is waiting for you, ready to be picked up upon your arrival to Copenhagen!

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There is a required deposit of DKK 1.000,- (approx EUR 134 / USD 159) added together with your booking, the deposit will automaticly be returned after rental ends.

– Only valid with student ID Card. (just bring it with you at you pick-up)

Bike Details

The bikes are equipped with

  • Rear Brake (Foot Brake)
  • Front Brake (V-Brake)
  • 3 Gear (Interior Gear)
  • A lock mounted on the frame of the bike.
  • Front & Rear lights
  • Reflectors & Cat eye
  • Bell


We have bikes in diffrent models that can fit everyone!

The shown bikes above will fit body height of (and up):

  • 157 cm
  • 5`1.81 Feet Inches
  • 5.15 Feet
  • 61.81 Inches

If your body height is lower than this, will there be the opportunity to opt-in to the small frame size in the order form. We are limited in stock of small bikes, where we try to help people who really need a small frame. We will do our best to help all.

Accessories (Can be purchased as an option)

  • Helmet DKK 199, – (approx. $31)
  • Cable lock DKK 149,- (approx. $23)
  • Basket DKK 60,- (approx. $9)



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Learn to become the perfect cyclist!

On this guided tour, you will be guided with good behaviour and get around the center of Copenhagen where you get expirence as a local.
During the tour we will stop over and get inside.

  • You will learn cyclist traffic rules.
  • Manage in the traffic with good behaviour on your bike .
  • Combined in a guided tour.
  • Experience tourist attractions in Copenhagen.
  • Learn the geography and the neighborhoods
  • Practical knowledge of good cheap shopping and dining places.
Please note: We can only complete this tour if we have more than 5 participants, where we unfortunately may be forced to cancel, booked payments will be refunded.

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How to get a bike

Complete the online booking with a payment (during sign-up you will have to state your name and e-mail address for later reference.) You will receive a confirmation reference by e-mail that you need to bring when picking up/ returning your bike. Following your pre-payment, we ensure that a bike is reserved for you.


Bike delivery and pickup service.

We offer delivery and pickup service for only DKK 200 per bike delivery. There is a pre-determined date and time of delivery and pickup which appears in the order form.

Pickup location

Nyhavn 44, 1058 Copenhagen K

Copenhagen Bicycles

Nyhavn 44, 1058 Copenhagen K  (click here to open google maps)


Student Deal