Rent a Bicycle

Located in the center of Copenhagen at Nyhavn 44 (on the corner) near many of the
city’s main attractions, we offer you the best bikes at great prices.

In addition to the Standard bike, we also have a high quality Touring Bike
with more gears, disc brakes, and lighter in weight.DSC03441

RENTAL PRICES are in Danish kroner (dkk):

Up to 3 H 90 200 350 50 40
Up to 6 H 110 250 400 50 40
Up to 24 H 120 300 500 80 40
2 DAYS 180 400 750 115 50
3 DAYS 230 500 900 150 60
4 DAYS 280 600 1000 185 70
5 DAYS 330 700 1200 220 80
6 DAYS 380 800 1400 255 90
1 WEEK 430 900 1500 270 100
ADD. DAY 50  – – –  – – – 25 5
2 WEEKS 600  – – –  – – – 400 100
3 WEEKS 700  – – –  – – – 525 100
4 WEEKS 800  – – –  – – – 625 100
5-8 WEEKS 1000  – – –  – – – 700 100
3 months 1200  – – –  – – – 100
4 months 1500  – – –  – – – 100

Standard 1000,- / Family 2000,- / Electric 4000,- / Touring 2000,- / Racing 4000,- (all in Danish Currency)

Deposit: Can be paid by cash (USD, EUR are accepted) or RESERVED ON Credit Card.

STUDENTS! If you are studying in Copenhagen and have a valid student ID to show us, then you can take advantage of our student pricing:Spring/Summer Semester (15 August- 20 December) – 1025 DKK
Fall/Winter Semester (15 August – 15 January) – 1025 DKK
1 full study year (15 August – 15 June) – 1750 DKK
*** please note a deposit i required 1000,- DKK ***

If you rent a bike, you can join the daily tour starting at 11:00 am from the Copenhagen Bicycles shop in Nyhavn 44 for an additional 100 DKK. Tours are held from April 1th to October 1st.

Note:  if you require SPD/clipless pedals for the touring or racing bikes, please bring your own and we will mount them for you. We do not have such pedals available in the shop.

Transport of bikes

We can deliver your bikes to a location of your choice within 10 km radius from Nyhavn 44. Transportation fee is 1.000,- DKK each way, up to 20 bikes (in addition to the price of the bike).


The rental process

  • Can I pay with credit card?

You can pay with credit card. On foreign credit cards we charge a fee of 5 DKK.

  • Can I receive an invoice and pay upon that?

Yes, if you rent ten or more bikes for a group. We need an official order from you by e-mail in advance with full details of your company. Otherwise you have to pay when you pick up the bicycles.

  • What should I do if the rental bicycle has a flat tire?

A flat tire is irritating but is not to avoid in general. If bad luck strikes your rental bicycle and it gets a punctured tire, you take it to the shop. There we will replace your bike. Nearest metro (300 meters) is Kongens Nytorv.

  • What can I do if the rental bicycle breaks down..?

If you discover a major problem making your riding unpleasant or impossible, we will provide you with another bicycle.

  • If I like the rental bicycle, can I buy it?

We have most bike models for sale as new ones starting from 2300 dkk, the price is including your name on the frame.


  • Can I place a reservation?

Yes, for 10 or more “Standard” bikes you can make a reservation.

  • Can I make a reservation for a “Family” bicycle?

Sure. Send us an email or give us a call.

  • How can I make a reservation for a group?

If your group needs 10 or more bikes, you can make a reservation by an e-mail.

Details of the bikes

  • Do your bikes come with a lock?

Yes, all our bikes come with a lock and you get the key for the bike when you rent it.

  • How many gears do your bicycles have?

Since we have a varied collection of bikes, you will find bikes with  between 0 and 27 gears. Most of our standard rental bike come with 3 gears, the electric bikes have 7 gears, and the family bikes have 5-7 gears.

  • I heard in Denmark you have back pedal brakes. I am not used to it, so may I get a bike with manual brakes?

Most of our bikes are equipped with a back pedal brake and a manual front brake. And we see that most people are comfortable with these after a few minutes of riding. There *may* be one or two bikes available with a freewheel and handle-activated brakes on the front and back. Please inquiry when you visit!

  • Are your bikes equipped with lights?

Yes. Either with dynamo-, battery-, or magnetic-induction-lights. We have some lighting systems available for purchase.


Traveling/Touring bikes

  • I want to travel through Denmark, can I rent an adequate touring bicycle from you?

The simple answer is: maybe. We experience that people have very different expectations towards touring and travel bikes. Some need just a regular bike, others want front and rear racks for a particular kind of bags and know what size of tires would fit best. Furthermore, people expect a specific frame size and geometry to fit their body size. And we think all these people are right. Therefore, we may have the right bike for you in our collection but we cannot accept a reservation for bikes according to specific requirements.

  • So, what should I do?

An advice from our colleagues who travel by bike themselves is to bring your own bike and make an appointment with our work shop to reassemble your bike after the flight to Denmark. You can store your transportation box or bag at our shop.


Cycle safety

  • Is it safe to ride a bike in Copenhagen?

Yes. Due to the fact that thousands of cyclist make their way through the street of Denmark’s capital every day (latest data indicates 400,000+ in and out of the city *every day*), everyone is aware of cyclists. Additionally, there are proper bike lanes throughout most the city. Of course, you have to take care yourself and drive as carefully as you can. Look how others cyclists act and go with the flow.

  • How about in the country side. Is riding a bike here safe too?

Sure. You will find many quiet roads with little traffic. Cycling in Denmark is a great and safe experience.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet?

A helmet is not mandatory in Denmark. If you decide for your own safety to use one, you can bring your own helmet or rent a helmet from us with your rental bike.