Frequently asked questions


When are you open?

We are open every day during the year, Monday to Sunday, except from December 24th and 25th and January 31st.

Our opening hours are 08:30 – 17:30.

Do you only speak Danish in the shop?

No, we all speak English. Some of us do also speak Danish and some of us speak other languages.

Do you have student prices?

If you are a student from DIS, we have a special offer for you. For every other student, we have normal prices.

Can I use my Copenhagen Card in your shop?

Yes you can! You get 10 % off by using your Copenhagen Card in our shop.

Can I use other currencies than DKK?

Yes. You can pay with USD and EUR. We do not accept coins.

What is the price for the daily guided tour?

The price for the daily guided tour is 100 DKK. This is excluding bikes. You are welcome to join the tour with your own bike or rent a bike at our shop.


Can I return a rental bike outside the opening hours?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return a rental bike outside the opening hours.

Do I have to wear a helmet while cycling?

It is not mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling in Copenhagen but we highly recommend it for your safety. You can rent a helmet in our shop. Children rent helmets for free.

Can short people rent bikes at your shop?

Yes, of course short people can rent bikes at our shop. We have bikes for every size.

How many people can sit on a family bike?

We suggest one or two people to sit in front while one person is riding the bike.

I got my rental bike stolen. What do I do?

If you lose your bike we will charge you the deposit we reserved on your credit card or by cash. Please, call us on +45 35 43 01 22 or meet us in the shop to inform us.

Do you cooperate with Donkey Republic?

Yes we do. You can rent our bikes all over town by using the Donkey Republic app.

Can I rent your bikes at other places than your shop?

Yes you can. We rent out bikes through the app Donkey Republic. Feel free to rent our bikes from one of our many hubs in Copenhagen.

I am not a good cyclist. Can I still rent a bike?

Yes, of course you can. We will teach you how to ride a bike. If you still feel uncomfortable, you are welcome to return the bike.

I have a baby with me. Do you have bikes for this occation?

Yes, we do have adult bikes with child seats. If your baby is able to sit you can rent this bike to have a ride around Copenhagen.

Do you have electric cargo bikes?

We do have one electric cargo bike from the brand Butchers and Bicycles. It is an amazing bike and super fun to both sit in and to ride. Pass by our shop to rent this special bike.

Can I return the bike at another place than your shop?

You can only return our bikes at our shop inside our opening hours.

You can also pay in advance a delivery or a return at another place. Please, contact us at

Which gears do your City Bike have?

The City Bike are eqipped with 3 gears.

Do you charge a deposit?

While renting our bikes, we reserve a deposit, where it can be by cash or on a card.

On your card we only save the deposit – we do not charge it. As soon as you return the bike, we will let go of the deposit. On your bank account, it might look like we charged you the deposit but it is not the case. Please, contact your bank for questions. You are also welcome to contact us on


What are your terms & conditions for bike rentals and tour bookings?

Please, read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I book online?

Yes you can 🙂

Can I book a bicycles taxi (Rickshaw) at your place?

Unfortunately, we do not coordinate bicycles tours with drivers.

You are very welcome to rent a family bike at our shop and drive it yourself. Contact us for more information –

We cooperates with Copenhagen Rickshaw  – can be contacted at

What is the price for the daily guided tour?

The price for the daily guided tour is 100 DKK. This is excluding bikes. You are welcome to join the tour with your own bike or rent a bike at our shop.

Do we answer emails during the weekend?

Unfortunately, we do not answer emails during the weekend.
You are welcome to send an email to and we will return to your email after the weekend.


How long time does it take to repair my bike?

It depends on the type of repair and how many repairs we have to make. Please, pass by our shop to let us take a look at your bike. You are more than welcome to borrow a replacement bike while we repair your own.

Can I have a replacement bike?

Yes you can. We have free replacement bikes. We  will have to reserve a deposit on your credit card.

What types of bike repairs do you make?

All types of bike repairs. Pass by with your bike and let us take a look.

How are your prices compared to other bike shops?

Our prices are very reasonable. We have average prices for bike repairs.

Terms & Conditions


  • Bookings need to be proceed with online payments.
  • If you order through e-mail, you will receive an invoice and a direct link to the payment.
  • Your booking is confirmed as soon as you have paid.


  • A deposit is required when arriving at our shop, the deposit can be reserved on a credit card, or cash by EUR, USD, DKK are accepted.
  • Standard Bikes constitutes DKK 1000, up to 5 bikes cash 100, EUR, USD
  • Family Bikes  constitutes DKK 2000, per bike / cash  300,- EUR, USD
  • Electric Bikes constitutes DKK 2000, per bike / cash  300,- EUR, USD
  • Touring Bikes constitutes DKK 2000, per bike / cash  300,- EUR, USD
  • Racing Bikes  constitutes DKK 4000, per bike / cash  500,- EUR, USD
  • Butchers Bike constitutes DKK 5000, per bike / cash  500,- EUR, USD

Group bookings

  • You can book our bikes through our website.
  • If your group consists between 20 and 50 bikes, the booking has to be made no later than 10 working days prior the booking.
  • If the group consists more than 50 bikes, the booking needs to be made no later than 30 working days prior the booking.


  • Any cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the booking. In this case, the cancellation fee will be 30% from the total amount.
  • Cancellations of bookings with more than 50 bikes must be done no later than 5 working days prior the booking. The cancellation fee will be 30% from the total amount.
  • All cancellations needs to be made in our opening hours (8:30am to 17:30pm Monday – Friday CET).
  • Any cancellations made later than 24 hours before the booking will not be refunded.

Replacement bikes and repairs

  • The terms and conditions according rental also count for replacement bikes.
  • If the repaired bike has not been picked up within two weeks after end of reparation the owner will be charged 50 dkk for every week of storage.